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Gavita Watertech AS

We supply innovative solutions for industrial, commercial and special water & wastewater management needs. Our main goal is to optimize water usage, and to add value to industrial waste at minimum cost. Gavita watertech deals in ultrafiltration polymeric and ceramic membranes, nano-micro bubble generators, Ozone and UV technologies. Our technologies are energy efficient, cost effective and smaller footprint.

Greenhouse Dehumidification System

Agam's Ventilated Latent Heat Converter (VLHC) is a revolutionary patented, field-tested dehumidification system for cold-climate greenhouses. It solves humidity-related problems, including yield-damaging botrytis, while actually reducing energy and fungicide expenses.

The VLHC takes in humid air from inside the greenhouse, optionally along with fresh air. It converts water vapor into water and heat by blowing the air through a matrix of desiccant-filled elements in a compact cooling tower. In this process, vapor condensation naturally warms up the desiccant, and this heat is released by the unit into the greenhouse as warm, dry air. 

The VLHC thus efficiently converts the latent heat stored in the water vapor to usable heat, a welcome by-product in cold-climate greenhouses dramatically reducing energy consumption.